Infinite Possiblities

Directional Light

Our patent-pending optical lens system works together with sophisticated electronics, allowing you to move the light dynamically.

You can choose between single and multiple spots, or illuminate entire areas and rooms with varying brightness level. In an open kitchen, you could illuminate the kitchen surfaces, the dining table or use only indirect light for a romantic dinner.

Simply use the app to direct the light to the area you want to illuminate.

Over 300 LEDs
To provide flexibility, brightness and full control over your light setting.
Light Quality
Based on 5 different LED types for optimal light spectrum.
Up to 4400 Lumen
No one ever said "This lamp is not bright enough"

Much brighter than any smart bulb

luvo Downlight 4400 Lumen

luvo Uplight 1500 Lumen

Popular Smart Lightbulbs

Common Household Lightbulb (60W)

Indirect uplight

Multicolor Light

The indirect uplight features over 16 million color hues and warm and cool whites, creating the perfect atmosphere for every mood and any situation.

Warm indirect light helps you to calm down and relax! If you want to feel energized and refreshed you can combine white direct light with a touch of green or blue for the uplight.

Use uplight to subtly brighten up your room on cloudy days.

360° color variations
There are 16 dedicated segements, that can be controlled individually
Light quality
Based on 5 different LED types for optimal light spectrum.
Color Rendering Index
luvo provides white light with CRI > 92 for optimal color appearance.

Easy control

Paint your light

Our app is based on intuitive touch gestures: Simply pick a color and paint the light in the desired direction - the more you paint the brighter it gets.

The Luke Roberts app also offers advanced features for example: timers, security & access control and configuration of the light engine.

Intuitive Painting
Illuminate any part in your room and highlight specific areas individually - simply by painting in the app
Scene List
Use our precomposed scenes, or just create your own. Switch between scenes with our app or even your light switch.
Security Pin Code
Set a Pin for your smart lamp so only you can control your lamp.

Download and try our app

The convenient way

Click detection

Whenever the lamp is switched on, AI algorithms in the lamp pick the perfect light setting based on your preferences! This has never been done before in a lamp.

The click detection makes any traditional light switch smart. Change between light scenes by quickly turning your lamp off and on using your existing switch.

Light switch
luvo works with every on/off switch. No need for an extra hub or switch.
Artificial intelligence algorithms built into the lamp learn from your light settings and analyze sensor data.


Your smart home

We understand that different lifestyles require different lighting controls.

We provide multiple options on how you can control the lamp. The luvo can be connected to your smart home with the Luke Roberts skill for Amazon Alexa, actions for Google Assistant or Siri Shortcuts.

Due to regular software updates, we constantly add new features to your lamp.

luvo Matrix LED Lamp


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