Intelligent lighting at the flip of a switch


Don't just turn the lights on and off, switch them to any scene from your lighting catalog.

One click, many effects

With a Luvo, you can customize your lighting as you wish.
Define your designs in the app and access them all through the switch. Cause the lamp, smart as a whip, picks up on your "clicks" and knows exactly what to do. No need for additional switches or accessory.

The features

What your switch does

Luke Roberts Lighting


Moves from one saved light scene to the next.

Luke Roberts Lighting


The lamp remembers the scenes you use most often and automatically switches to your top picks that match the time of day.

Luke Roberts Lighting


Power isn’t completely turned off, so the Luvo doesn't light up but it's ready for your command via app and co.

Luke Roberts Lighting


The switch is off, and so is the power. Even a Luvo has to rest in the dark.

Made to be used for everyone

Changing light quick & easy

Switching up your lights with a physical switch is super simple! It keeps all your light creations at your fingertips, no worries if your smartphone or tablet is not around.

Intelligent out of the box

Changing light conveniently

Enjoy lighting that is always in line with your preferred moods when you’re flipping the switch. Cause Luvo learns your daily routines. Thanks to smart algorithms, you're treated with extra comfort.



Choose whether the lamp should learn from you and select smartly your preferential scenes.

Define when you want the “Smart” function to work:

  • Switch on the lamp
  • Cycle through scenes (Click Detection)
  • Or deactivate it completely
Why smart?

A Light Switch with Brains

How does it work?

If you're vibing with a particular scene at a certain time, your switch takes note. It does the job thanks to intelligent algorithms, a real-time clock, and ambient light sensors. Based on your lighting habits, along with the time and light data, Luvo calculates your lighting routine. So, the next time you hit the switch, you will automatically get your favourite scene for that hour.

Please give Luvo at least one week to get its learn on.

Why is that impressive?

Because your light switch has got your back, you instantly flip on your top-pick scene for dinner or breakfast without any extra effort or change. Or the nocturnal reach for the switch shows less of a blinding flash and more of a gentle guiding light.



Send Luvo into standby mode, ready to spring back into action via app, voice, or smart home whenever you wish.

If you've set timers, you also want your lamp in standby.

Here is how:

  • Turn the light switch to off
  • Wait for about 2 seconds
  • Turn the switch back on
  • Luvo remains off


No, the switch you have at home does the job for all the Luvo features. If you are looking for specific Smart Home Add-ons, you can use a smart light switch with the lamp. The only exception is a dimmer switch, this one is not supported and needs to be replaced.

A Luvo needs a constant power supply, which a dimmer does not always guarantee, even when turned to 100%. This can cause flickering and other problems, and we really don't want that.
Of course, you can dim the lamp at any time in the app or via Smart Home Assistants.

A Luvo consumes 0.5 W in standby mode, which is also the latest EU standard. If you want to find out more about the EU Commission guidelines, here you go.

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